Our Yards


PaxOcean Pertama is situated on a 280,000m2 site on the north-western coast of Batam, and shares a common boundary with our Graha yard, while lying within close proximity to Nanindah. This enables us to utilise our yard resources with greater flexibility to meet our customers’ needs. PaxOcean Pertama has also developed capabilities, complete with a well-established team, for repair and conversion projects as well as the construction of newbuildings.

A strength of PaxOcean Pertama is having a 7.5m sea depth for berthing bigger vessels for repairs, and has become one of the premier ship repair and conversion yards in Batam. PaxOcean Pertama also fabricates vessel sections in support of the Nanindah yard, and has garnered a strong track record of building specialty offshore support vessels.

Profile of PAXOCEAN Pertama
Location Longitude 103° 53’26”E, Latitude 1° 5’32”N
Land Area 272,756m2
Sea Depth 7.5m
Berth 2,400m
Floating Dock 22,000 TLC, 235.0m x 40.0m
Building Berth 1 building berth for vessels up to 30,000 dwt
Covered Workshop Over 33,000m2
Equipment Overhead cranes: 20T
Other cranes: range from 40T to 250T
Plasma cutting machine: 1 unit