Delivery of Pacific Defiance at Singapore Yard

Feb 21, 2013

DDW-PaxOcean Asia (DPA) has successfully delivered the 17,864 BHP anchor handling tug supply vessel, Pacific Defiance to offshore shipowner and operator Swire Pacific Offshore Operations (Pte) Ltd. The delivery took place on 21st February 2013 at the DDW-PaxOcean Tuas yard, one of 6 yards operated by companies in the Kuok (Singapore) Limited Group.

Pacific Defiance is the first in a series of two, with a sister vessel scheduled for delivery in early 2014. The vessel is built to class ABS and Singapore-flagged.

Pacific Defiance is designed and built with advanced technical capabilities to support the latest generation of semi-submersible rigs. Equipped with DP2 systems and a maximum bollard pull of 230 tonnes, Pacific Discovery also boasts a clear deck space of 650 square metres. The main propulsion engine powers the vessel with 17,864 Brake Horsepower (BHP) certified to IMO Tier II standards. The large capacity 500 MT RRM Brattvagg winches, latest dynamic positioning technology, enhanced station keeping with independent drop down azimuth thruster, anchor recovery frame (ARF) and travelling cranes provide the vessel with added flexibility, versatility and safety.

About PaxOcean

A subsidiary of Kuok Singapore Limited, PaxOcean owns and operates 6 shipyards located in Singapore, China and Indonesia. First established in 2007 in Singapore, PaxOcean offers a wide range of services covering offshore engineering, rig building, ship and rig repair, maintenance and conversion.

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