Delivery of Semi Submersible Accommodation Vessel at PaxOcean Zhoushan

May 10, 2016

Zhoushan — Semi Submersible Accommodation Vessel “POSH Arcadia” was delivered at PaxOcean Zhoushan yard, China, on 10th May 2016. This vessel is the second of two sistervessels built for PACC Offshore Services Holdings Limited. The first vessel “POSH Xanadu” was delivered in 2014.

“POSH Arcadia” is DNV-classed and capable of accommodating 750 personnel in 390 cabins with the highest comfort Class COMF-V(2), COMF-C(3). The vessel is powered by eight units of generators producing over 30MW electricity and nine units of thrusters with DP3 capability and equipped with a 38 metre +/- 8 metre telescopic gangway coupled with RFID technology that allows for state-of-the-art walk to work capability. Two large offshore
cranes of 150 mt and 100 mt SWL provide ample heavy lifting capacity for offshore work.

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