Launch of Mexahuk Cepteu Atanob at Nanindah Yard

Aug 23, 2013

DDW-PaxOcean Asia (DPA) has successfully launched the 115m Freezer Trawler vessel MEXAHUK CEPTEU ATANOB. Owned by Robinzon Ltd, the vessel launch took place on 23rd August 2013 at the DDW-PaxOcean’s Nanindah yard in Batam, one of 6 yards operated by companies in the Kuok (Singapore) Limited Group.

The vessel is built to class DNV.

About PaxOcean

A subsidiary of Kuok Singapore Limited, PaxOcean owns and operates 6 shipyards located in Singapore, China and Indonesia. First established in 2007 in Singapore, PaxOcean offers a wide range of services covering offshore engineering, rig building, ship and rig repair, maintenance and conversion.

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