LOI Signing for 100MW & 140MW Combine Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant

May 17, 2017

Paxocean Engineering Pte. Ltd. has signed a Letter of Intent with PT Haruma Bangun Persada to build 100MW and 140MW combine cycle gas turbine Floating Power Plants (FPP) with PT Teknika Solusi Dinamika (PT TSD) as PMT appointed. The two FPPs will be built at PT Drydocks World Pertama, Batam, Indonesia. The FPPs will be the first floating power plants of capacity higher than 100MW to be built at a local shipyard in Indonesia. The FPPs will be green power plant consuming natural gas.

Floating Power Plants are constructed in shipyards under controlled conditions and, depending on the availability of equipment, can be delivered relatively quickly. They provide easy access to large capacities of power which are capable of being mobilised across the archipelago.

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