PaxOcean secured over 130 Scrubber and BWTS retrofit projects in 2020

Sep 10, 2020

PaxOcean Group has secured over 30 Scrubbers and over 100 BWTS projects in 2020 so far. International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) emissions and discharge regulations are the main driving force behind the increase in demand for Exhaust Cleaning Scrubber System and Ballast Water Treatment System(BWTS) from ship owners and ship operators looking for economical solutions to meet these new regulations.

Mr Tan Thai Yong, Chief Executive Officer of PaxOcean Holdings Pte Ltd said, “As the industry looks to adopt more sustainable measures to reduce the environmental impact, PaxOcean stands ready with a suite of cost-effective solutions, capable of meeting our customers tight deadlines. With grit and finesse we were able to retrofit the scrubber installation for bulk carrier, Ikan Bawal, in under 20 days at our Batam yard.”

The short turnaround was made possible by maximizing the preparatory work, from design development with 3D scanning to prefabrication of the module before the vessel arrive into the yard to execute the retrofitting.

In the first 9 months of 2020, PaxOcean Zhoushan yard has completed 4 scrubber installation for 400k dwt VLOC vessels. With another 4 more contracted for execution in the remaining months this year, this represents a 90% share of such installation for this size of vessel in China.

About PaxOcean

A subsidiary of Kuok Singapore Limited, PaxOcean owns and operates 5 shipyards located in Singapore, China and Indonesia. First established in 2007 in Singapore, PaxOcean offers a wide range of services covering newbuilding, module fabrication, green recycling, repairs and conversion of conventional and renewable energy assets and docking support for luxury yachts.

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