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  • Launch of Mexahuk Cepteu Atanob at…

    Aug 23, 2013

    DDW-PaxOcean Asia (DPA) has successfully launched the 115m Freezer Trawler vessel MEXAHUK CEPTEU ATANOB. Owned by Robinzon Ltd, the vessel launch took place on 23rd August 2013 at the DDW-PaxOcean’s Nanindah yard in Batam, one of 6 yards operated by companies in the Kuok (Singapore) Limited Group. The vessel is built to class DNV. About […]

  • Delivery of Posh Persistence

    Jun 09, 2013

    DDW-PaxOcean Asia (DPA) has successfully delivered the 12,240 BHP anchor handling supply tug vessel POSH PERSISTENCE to offshore ship owners POSH Semco Pte Ltd. Delivery of the modern AHTS took place at the Nanindah yard in Batam on 9th June 2013. The 76m vessel is ABS classed and equipped DP2 and Class 1 fire fighting […]

  • Delivery of POSH Shearwater at Zhuhai…

    Apr 25, 2013

    Just 13 days after the naming ceremony at PaxOcean Zhuhai yard, the Rolls Royce UT755CD platform supply vessel POSH Shearwater has been delivered to owners POSH. The POSH Shearwater is a versatile platform supply vessel with special provisions / modifications factored in the design for offshore crane, subsea and Oil Recovery Operation. The vessel will […]

  • Naming Ceremony of POSH Shearwater at…

    Apr 12, 2013

    Over 50 distinguished management staff from POSH and PaxOcean together with their guests, witnessed the naming ceremony of POSH Shearwater at the PaxOcean Zhuhai yard. POSH Shearwater sports the Rolls Royce UT755 Clean Design (CD) and is the second of a series of 3,200 DWT platform supply vessels ordered by POSH at the PaxOcean Zhuhai […]

  • Delivery of Pacific Defiance at Singapore…

    Feb 21, 2013

    DDW-PaxOcean Asia (DPA) has successfully delivered the 17,864 BHP anchor handling tug supply vessel, Pacific Defiance to offshore shipowner and operator Swire Pacific Offshore Operations (Pte) Ltd. The delivery took place on 21st February 2013 at the DDW-PaxOcean Tuas yard, one of 6 yards operated by companies in the Kuok (Singapore) Limited Group. Pacific Defiance […]

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