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PaxOcean Zhoushan is well-equipped with two ultra-large graving docks, and a pier berth of 576m with 12m water depth and other supporting infrastructure. The docks have been built to accommodate all types of ULCC, VLOC, OBO, Suezmax, FPSO and can accommodate vessels of up to 400,000 dwt, and large container ships up to 16,000 TEUs. The hull, mechanical, electrical, piping, and painting workshops are set to be expanded to 146,000m² in the next phase of development.

Profile of Paxocean Zhoushan
Location Longitude 122° 02”E, Latitude 30° 12”N
Land Area 800,000m2
Docks No.1: 400 x 106 x 10 m
No.2: 380 x 80 x 10 m
Slipway 340 m x 70 m
West Pier 576 m with 12 m draft
Outfitting Quay Phase II: 390 m @ -8.0 m depth
Workshop Phase I: 16,000 m2
Phase II: up to 130,000 m2
Dock Cranes 1 x 900T, 1 x 300 T, 1 x 150 T, 1 x 120 T Gantry Cranes
1 x 100 T and 4 x 45 T Luffing Cranes
1 x 50 T, 1 x 32 T for West Pier
1 x 275T mobile crane, 1 x 300T lowloader